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RoofLogic is Asset Management

Manage your customer's roof assets and expand your preventative maintenance department. RoofLogic helps you produce inspection reports, proposals, track history, manage warranties and more.

Manage your customer's entire roof asset portfolio
  • RoofLogic lets you inspect and record everything about your customer's roofs and then lets you compile all that information into a prioritized big picture view with recommendations.
Inspection reports customized to meet your needs
  • Inspection reporting is key to an asset management program. RoofLogic's built in report designer allows you to customize your reports to show the information you want, the way you want.
  • Produce full color proposals and win more work. Our proposal reports can be completely customized to your needs and combined with inspection data to show your customer what's wrong and what you propose to do about it.
Budget Forecasting
  • RoofLogic has comprehensive budget forecasting features that allow you to quickly setup budgets for any number of years then push budgets forward at year end.
Roof History Tracking
  • Know what happened and when on every roof. RoofLogic keeps a complete history so if you need to go back and see what happened on a roof in the past you can do so.
Warranty Tracking
  • Keep track of every warranty on every roof. Maintain multiple warranties on a single roof, know which roofs are covered by a single warranty, produce warranty lists showing expiration date. You can also store a copy of the warranty document right in the system.

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