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Roof Reports, Drawings & Takeoffs in one Comprehensive tool!
Doing reports in Word is killing me!!!
WELL… don’t do that! Inspector is at least 5 times faster!!

Customized Reports
Roof Data – Photos – Drawings – Takeoffs

Our team works with you to create your library of custom reports with your colors and logo.

Combine the data in any way you like for simple to complex reports. Win more customers with reports that help you convey your ideas.

Checklist Reports

Daily Job Reports, Safety Checklists any kind of custom checklist you can think of.

Email a link and anyone can complete the checklist with their phone including filling out forms and attaching photos.

Professional Drawings Win Jobs

Industry leading RoofCAD drawing tools built in. Draw from Satellite/Drone/Aerial Imagery.

Anyone can learn to create proposal quality drawings in just a few hours. No CAD experience required. In minutes create a drawing that will wow your prospects and win jobs!

Comes with a complete library of symbols and roof defects ready to go.

Roof Takeoffs from:
Satellite - Aerial - Drone images

Start your drawing in the office and have basic takeoff quantities before you head to the roof.

Complete your drawing on a tablet.

A complete takeoff record is tabulated as you draw.

Library of Roof Defects

A library of roof defects with expanded descriptions makes for an easy picklist while on the roof.

Expanded descriptions explain to your audience what each defect is.

Customize the library to your liking.

Mobile Apps

Our mobile apps make entering data, taking photos and marking up the drawing a breeze.

You are 90% done when you walk off the roof.

Perfect add on to you exiting CRM/Service package

We stripped down RoofLogic to just the reporting and takeoff essentials so you could add supercharged inspection reporting to your existing systems.

This allowed us to reduce the price to a level that makes sense.