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RoofLogic is Mobile
Welcome to the "game changing" technology that will redefine how you do business. Leave the paper and camera behind. Get everything from the field via our mobile apps. No other company comes close to the technology provided in our apps. Sign up for our mailing list to be kept up to date or call to hear more about this exciting technology.

The industries best drawing and takeoff technology built right in
  • RoofCAD has dominated the roofing industry for years as the easy to use roof drawing package of choice. The RoofCAD engine is built right into RoofLogic, merging data and photos with other entities on your drawing.
Real Time Inspection Reports
  • Produce 5 times as many inspection reports, drawings, proposals and reroof takeoffs with our RoofLogic Mobile app.
  • Say goodbye to paper and chicken scratches. RoofLogic Mobile eliminates the time wasted entering data from a paper form. Inspection information, complete with drawings and photos, is entered on the rooftop. The inspection report is built as you perform your inspection and ready to go when you leave the roof.
Repair Proposals & Photo Processing
  • One key to selling repair work is to deliver your repair proposals while the leak or issue is still fresh in your customers mind. Uploading, organizing and labeling photos for your proposal is a real time drain. RoofLogic Mobile eliminates the inefficiency by allowing you to take the photo, label it, and upload it into your proposal right from the rooftop. You build your proposal as you walk the roof!
Customer Portal
  • Reports generated onsite are immediately accessible via the Customer Portal. This interactive portal includes the industries only “Live Interactive Drawing”, that allows your customer to do a virtual walk through of your inspection.
Service Work
  • Dispatch work orders to your service techs’ phone. They use the mobile app to take before and after photos which are automatically uploaded to the RoofLogic server, ready for reporting.
Unrivaled Technology- RoofLogic Established in 1988
  • RoofLogic is the only product of its kind. No other system can claim to offer our winning combination… Cutting edge mobile technology coupled with mature, robust system with years of development and a proven track record.

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