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A single connected system to run your company.

RoofLogic is a comprehensive ecosystem of tools that speak the language of roofing and enable you to house most of your day-to-day processes under one solution. Most of the data you already store, like photos, customer/job information, drawings etc. is stored in a single searchable system that your team can access from anywhere.

For those things not in the RoofLogic ecosystem like accounting, we have an API (application programming interface). The API allows you to connect RoofLogic to virtually any other system, eliminating duplication of entry and giving you a complete enterprise solution.

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With RoofLogic all of your customer information and roof data is at your fingertips in one system. Every job, photo, drawing, and document is available in seconds from anywhere in the world.

All of your customer information in one system
  • RoofLogic provides you with a single system for all of your customer information including the people you know at the company, their e-mail addresses and mobile numbers.
Know your customers facilities
  • Your customers own facilities, in fact they might have a very large portfolio. RoofLogic lets you keep track of what your customers own or manage, and makes it simple to add or remove facilities as their portfolio changes.
Know your customers tenants
  • RoofLogic also lets you manage the tenants at a facility, so if your customer has a shopping mall you know who the tenant contact is and their phone number. You can also flag jobs to a tenant and produce service history reports for each tenant.
Complete roof data management
  • When you are in the roofing business a customer management system is not complete without roof information. RoofLogic allows you to record everything about all of your customers roofs. In seconds you can know the square footage, what the existing roof system is, if it is under warranty, and more.
Every job, photo, drawing, and document available in seconds from anywhere in the world
  • Beyond knowing everything about your customers roofs, RoofLogic lets you record every job, and with each job you can store photos, documents, and drawings that belong to the job. RoofLogic replaces the manual folder system you use know to organize your documents.

Manage your customer's roof assets and expand your preventative maintenance department. RoofLogic helps you produce inspection reports, proposals, track history, manage warranties and more.

Manage your customer's entire roof asset portfolio
  • RoofLogic lets you inspect and record everything about your customer's roofs and then lets you compile all that information into a prioritized big picture view with recommendations.
Inspection reports customized to meet your needs
  • Inspection reporting is key to an asset management program. RoofLogic's built in report designer allows you to customize your reports to show the information you want, the way you want.
  • Produce full color proposals and win more work. Our proposal reports can be completely customized to your needs and combined with inspection data to show your customer what's wrong and what you propose to do about it.
Budget Forecasting
  • RoofLogic has comprehensive budget forecasting features that allow you to quickly setup budgets for any number of years then push budgets forward at year end.
Roof History Tracking
  • Know what happened and when on every roof. RoofLogic keeps a complete history so if you need to go back and see what happened on a roof in the past you can do so.
Warranty Tracking
  • Keep track of every warranty on every roof. Maintain multiple warranties on a single roof, know which roofs are covered by a single warranty, produce warranty lists showing expiration date. You can also store a copy of the warranty document right in the system.

Made to automate the busy service department. With RoofLogic you will generate work orders, schedule work, and record an accurate job history - complete with photos and drawings.

Produce work orders
  • A RoofLogic work order contains all the job information you need. Each job can have multiple work orders. Work order print outs are custom designed to meet your needs.
Schedule Work
  • Schedule work orders to each service crew. Know where your crews are at all times, then juggle the schedule during the day as required. RoofLogic's drag and drop calendar scheduling tool is simple and intuitive.
Record And Report
  • RoofLogic allows you to record the completed work and attach the photos taken on the site directly to the work order. This allows you to print field reports that show your customer what was done by who and when. It also allows you too look-up job photos with just a few clicks.
Visually record work on a site plan drawing
  • One very unique aspect to RoofLogic is the integrated drawing technology. We all know a picture is worth a thousand words. With RoofLogic every job can have a drawing that allows you to plan the work and then visually show where the work was done. You can also add photos to the drawing to further improve your customer communication.
No job falls through the cracks
  • One of the greatest benefits with RoofLogic is jobs no longer fall through the cracks because the paper work is lost or is sitting on someone's desk. Once in the system, you can track each job through to completion and get paid in a timely fashion.

Take control of all your production jobs and track them to completion. With RoofLogic all of your job information is in one simple to access location. Generate work orders, schedule and plan the work, store all photos drawings and documents with the job.

Produce Work Orders
  • RoofLogic allows you to quickly create work orders as they come in, with the customer right on the phone. Click a button and a custom designed work order is printed or e-mailed.
Schedule Work
  • Schedule work orders with the RoofLogic scheduling tool. An intuitive drag and drop interface allows you to keep all of your jobs organized.
Daily Photo Reports
  • Document the job with daily photo reports. Store as many photos as you like with each job. Attach notes to photos as well as make your photos more descriptive with arrows, text, shapes and more.
Plan and track progress on a site plan drawing
  • One very unique aspect to RoofLogic is the integrated drawing technology. We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. With RoofLogic every job can have a drawing that allows you to plan the work and then visually show the day-to-day progress. You can also add photos to the drawing to further improve your customer communication.

Everything you need to generate inspection reports, proposals as well as manage your preventative maintenance department.

The industries best drawing and takeoff technology built right in
  • RoofCAD has dominated the roofing industry for years as the easy to use roof drawing package of choice. The RoofCAD engine is built right into RoofLogic, merging data and photos with other entities on your drawing.
Satellite Takeoffs
  • Use any satellite or aerial image as a template to make a professional roof drawing complete with all the takeoff numbers you need.
Site Measure Takeoffs
  • Simply enter your site measurements, place your rooftop equipment, and you will have a professional CAD drawing complete with takeoff numbers.
Electronic Plan Takeoffs
  • RoofLogic has built in technology that allows you to do takeoffs from electronic plans. Simply load the plan, set the scale and digitize right on your screen.
Roof Drawings
  • Whether digitizing or drawing from site measurements, the result is always a professional CAD drawing. Great for proposals, submittals, and crew instructions.

Simple, secure access to your data for you and your customers from anywhere in the world over the internet.

Secure access to your data from anywhere in the world, anytime
  • With RoofLogic, the Internet is your expanded network. With an Internet connection you can access all of your data in a secure fashion from anywhere in the world. Know at all times how your company is doing.
Customer portal allows controlled customer access to data
  • With the RoofLogic Online module, you get a professional web presence and we handle all the technical aspects. Your Online portal will be branded with your logo and colors, and can be connected to your corporate website. So from your customers perspective, when they login to the Online portal they are still on your site. Once in the site they have access to work orders, budgets, inspection reports, drawings and much more.
The only web based roofing system with "Live drawing technology"
  • Only RoofLogic offers you "Live drawing technology". Usually when you see a drawing on a website, it's a simple jpeg with no interactive capabilities. With RoofLogic you can zoom and pan around a drawing without losing any image quality. Help your customers understand the issues on their roof by placing your mouse over markers on the drawing and have the photo and description of the defect appear.
  • Live drawings will impress your customers and allow you to more effectively communicate your ideas.

Welcome to the "game changing" technology that will redefine how you do business. Leave the paper and camera behind. Get everything from the field via our mobile apps. No other company comes close to the technology provided in our apps. Sign up for our mailing list to be kept up to date or call to hear more about this exciting technology.

Real Time Inspection Reports
  • Produce 5 times as many inspection reports, drawings, proposals and reroof takeoffs with our RoofLogic Mobile app.
  • Say goodbye to paper and chicken scratches. RoofLogic Mobile eliminates the time wasted entering data from a paper form. Inspection information, complete with drawings and photos, is entered on the rooftop. The inspection report is built as you perform your inspection and ready to go when you leave the roof.
Repair Proposals & Photo Processing
  • One key to selling repair work is to deliver your repair proposals while the leak or issue is still fresh in your customers mind. Uploading, organizing and labeling photos for your proposal is a real time drain. RoofLogic Mobile eliminates the inefficiency by allowing you to take the photo, label it, and upload it into your proposal right from the rooftop. You build your proposal as you walk the roof!
Customer Portal
  • Reports generated onsite are immediately accessible via the Customer Portal. This interactive portal includes the industries only “Live Interactive Drawing”, that allows your customer to do a virtual walk through of your inspection.
Service Work
  • Dispatch work orders to your service techs’ phone. They use the mobile app to take before and after photos which are automatically uploaded to the RoofLogic server, ready for reporting.
Unrivaled Technology- RoofLogic Established in 1988
  • RoofLogic is the only product of its kind. No other system can claim to offer our winning combination… Cutting edge mobile technology coupled with mature, robust system with years of development and a proven track record.
RoofLogic: Online

RoofLogic Online allows you and your customers web access to all of your roof data from anywhere in the world.

RoofLogic Online is a Web browser interface that lets you, your staff and your customers look up vital roof info without having to learn new software.

RoofLogic: Mobile

The Mobile Add-On dramatically reduces the lag time between roof top and the finished report/proposal/invoice.

Our mobile technology allows you to take RoofLogic into the field. Using the latest handheld technology you can record inspection and job information right on the roof top, complete with drawings and photos.

Our Other Products
Built from the ground up for the roofing professional!

Most CAD programs are designed for Architects & Engineers but RoofCAD was built from the ground up to meet the needs of the roofing industry.

Please visit for more information about this innovative drawing program.

Generate drawings and takeoffs from satellite and aerial images!

In recent years satellite imagery has been used more and more by roofers like you to see the job before they make the trip out to the job site. Our Digitizer software takes that to a new level. It allows you to use any satellite or aerial image as a template to make a professional roof drawing complete with all the takeoff numbers you need.

Please visit to see how easily you can have a drawing and takeoff done before you step foot on the roof.

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