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What Our Customers Are Saying
We've been using RoofLogic fulltime for just over two years, primarily in our service group. It has improved our Service request tracking immensely and definitely increased our efficiency in this area. No less important, it has helped to drive increased revenue from our service organization through better tracking. Additionally it provides us with a database of work undertaken, callbacks, etc.
Dennis T. Croughwell
Director - Maintenance Services
Roof Logic is an invaluable resource used on a daily basis at Prospect Waterproofing Company. This software allows us to provide the best possible service to our clients with regard to inspections, preventive maintenance, roof mapping, budgeting of repair work, and managing of projects. Prospect Waterproofing Company has found this product to be extremely user friendly, and Roof Logic's support staff has been very helpful in transitioning and training us on the new software.
Robert Barlow
Service Project Manager
All of us at Esko would like to thank you for your Roof Logic software. We recently introduced your products into our company and have been extremely pleased. Customers have been very responsive to the value it adds to the proposal phase of the project. Looking forward to your upcoming updates and plan on continuing our relationship. We also would like to thank your team for all of the support that is provided as needed.
Jeff Updyke
Esko Roofing & Sheet Metal
Tracey has taken the lead with the software and done a great job, the guys to a man love the look and ease of use of the software ... like I told them I feel we wasted 2+ years trying to fit a round plug into a square hole with our previous vendor ... but that's old news. We are excited and look forward to growing our service business using the great tool you have developed. Thanks!
Keith Post
KPost Company
Although we are a relatively new client and user of RoofLogic, we wanted to take a moment to commend the RoofLogic team for both the product and the service we have been offered.
The product itself has already had a major positive impact on our branding efforts, operations and internal processes. The flexibility and organizational aspects of RoofLogic are directly supportive of our business model and will afford us advantages over competitors as well as a powerful tool for data collection and synchronization to help meet our CRM and field dispatch goals. We are already getting very positive feedback from customers as to the professional format of our reports and proposals generated through RoofLogic.
While new computer software can often come with long term learning curves, the staff at RoofLogic have tirelessly met our needs towards early proficiency and integration into our existing systems. Each question was answered quickly and with the appropriate results for our staff. Our requests for customization to meet our company's branding and market methodology was done to our complete satisfaction.
By combining this outstanding service along with the benefits of the program itself, you have created a strong, long-term partnership with our company that we look forward to growing well into the future.
Matt Fugmann
President/CEO RoofLife Management
Estimator has helped us in many ways. I love that I can very quickly price several different roof systems for my customer to choose from. Pricing alternate roof systems used to take hours, now it takes minutes. Estimator has also increased my estimating speed, I am now faster than people with much more experience. Finally I find the system very flexible. All that plus the wide range of reports has made Estimator a great product for us.
Tommy Pinkard
B.T. Lakeside Roofing and Exteriors
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with RoofCAD. This program does everything I was hoping it would and more. It is extremely easy to learn. The User Guide is very well written and organized. The Support Staff is always available to answer any questions. Everyone at Roof Logic is pleasant, knowledgeable and attentive. RoofCAD saves us time, produces accurate, detailed drawings and makes our presentations look so much better. Thank You for a great product.
Vicki Fulfer
Roof Consulting Services, Inc. of Texas
Service Manager
Of all our RoofLogic modules, we use the Service Manager module the most and enjoy the ease in which it handles our information. Our service manager arrives each morning, fires up the program and is able to see at a glance where to send the repair tech for the day. It has also been beneficial to look at the history of the service department and know at a glance what has been completed and ready for billing.We have been using RoofLogic products since 2006. The programs are customizable to better meet our company's needs and are easy to learn and train others on. RoofLogic has helped us become a leader in our area for service and information.
Leroy Devitt
Portage Roofing Inc.
Asset Manager
I got a new computer today and software is up and running - Yea!! I just wanted to say thank you again for all your help even though it was just my computer that had the problem and not your software. You have the best customer service of any company I've ever worked with and we really appreciate it!
Mary Krese
Turner Morris
RoofCAD & Digitizer
RoofCAD with the Digitizer add-on lets me do everything I have to do much faster than with a conventional drawing program. And I love the Detail Symbol Library. I can make detail drawings just by dragging and dropping from a pre-made list.
Kenny Harris, RRC
DavisHarris & Associates
Every one of our estimators here, from new construction to reroof and maintenance, uses RoofCAD. They all say it would be impossible to bid the amount of work that is required to keep us running without it.
Scott King
Snyder Roofing | Northwest Solar Solutions
RoofCAD, Asset Manager
The software is great but we feel your company's biggest asset is the caliber of your people. RoofLogic support is first class and our questions are often answered with one call.
Harry Mitchell
Wm. Kramer & Son, Inc.
Estimator has allowed us to bid more jobs, with greater accuracy and consistency, than ever before. It is a valuable component of our estimating process.
Kevin Krolczyk
Mint Roofing Inc.
I know for a fact that having a quality presentation has gotten us many good projects. Especially when the bid is close, a quality RoofCAD drawing separates you as the one more prepared/professional.
Craig A. Bloxsom
Bloxsom Roofing & Siding Company
RoofCAD & Digitizer
With Digitizer, the time savings for inspectors, especially on complicated roofs, is tremendous. To be able to draw an existing roof from a satellite or aerial photo is a great help and saves hours on a larger roof. Other CAD software doesn't hold a candle to RoofCAD's ease of use. It really is designed with the roofer in mind.
Michael Wheeler
Asset Manager
We have found no better software on the market to efficiently handle the processing of data into profit as does Asset Manager software by RoofLogic. Your product and technical support is exceptional. Throughout the years of using both RoofCAD and Asset Manager we have been able to deliver professional documents to our clients. We value both the personal service and professionalism that you provide us as a client.
Louis Hunt – Principal
Professional Roof Management, LLC
RoofCAD is a great user friendly program and the user manual is great. Keep up the good work.
Nita Hoselton
Preservation Services
RoofLogic Online
RoofLogic and its Online module are extremely easy to use. Online is easier and better than any roof information source I have seen.
Michael Wheeler
RoofCAD couldn't be easier to work with. Even if I do get stuck, support is always there to help. I have clients that require their drawings in AutoCAD format. RoofCAD allows me to create and update drawings and then convert them to the required .DWG or .DXF format.
Al Kravitz
Roof Consultants Inc.
RoofCAD & Digitizer
RoofCAD with Digitizer is capable of articulating and conveying a vast amount of information. I have always been impressed by RoofCAD's final presentation often receiving compliments from bosses, co-workers and clients. Everyone I've spoken with at RoofLogic has been exceeding personable, knowledgeable and attentive. Thank you for a great product and a stellar team.
David E. Boughton
Madsen, Kneppers & Associates, Inc.
RoofCAD & Digitizer
We digitize and implement RoofCAD on all possible onsite inspections, re-roofs, new construction membrane proposals, and as well as waterproofing project takeoffs. The software pays for itself in a very short time and product support is first-rate. RoofCAD and RoofCAD Digitizer definitely save us time, improve accuracy and made us money.
Ashley Peddie
Commercial Roofing Estimator
When I present RoofCAD drawings to my customers they think I've spent hours preparing them, but thanks to RoofCAD I only spent 15 minutes.
Pete Korellis
Korellis Roofing Inc.
Great program, two thumbs up!
Pat Shaughnessy
George Butler Associates
Great program, great support, I could not live without it!
Loran Vis
Vis Ltd.
RoofCAD & Digitizer
Thanks RoofLogic for all your support. We have used the RoofCAD and Digitizer takeoff programs for all of our residential, industrial and commercial roofing needs for at least ten years. Everything from even the smallest Water Pump House shed to the larger Biomedical Research Facility at the University of Michigan was first drawn up on the RoofCAD program, and then estimated from there.
Thank you for giving us upgradable, up-to-date, reliable software that allows us to do our job more adequately and efficiently.
JB Hampton
CEI Group, LLC
The aerial image takeoff module is a real time saver. We create a draft before the actual field inspection; the inspector notes exceptions and checks dimensions. Then, back at the office the inspector's notes are entered and we have a professional drawing in significantly less time than before.
Dan Beck
Beck Roofing
Service Manager & Asset Manager
Using Service Manager and Asset Manager means that everything we need is in one place. We can print lists of all the work orders to date which helps us eliminate several steps from any manual method.
Conestoga Roofing
Asset Manager
Asset Manager is a daily resource that helps us to keep maintenance, re-roofing and repair information at our clients' fingertips. The Roof Logic support staff is top-notch, and we really appreciate the regular updates and new features.
Ariela Paschal
Innovative Roofing Group, Inc.
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