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RoofLogic is Project Management

Take control of all your production jobs and track them to completion. With RoofLogic all of your job information is in one simple to access location. Generate work orders, schedule and plan the work, store all photos drawings and documents with the job.

Produce Work Orders
  • RoofLogic allows you to quickly create work orders as they come in, with the customer right on the phone. Click a button and a custom designed work order is printed or e-mailed.
Schedule Work
  • Schedule work orders with the RoofLogic scheduling tool. An intuitive drag and drop interface allows you to keep all of your jobs organized.
Daily Photo Reports
  • Document the job with daily photo reports. Store as many photos as you like with each job. Attach notes to photos as well as make your photos more descriptive with arrows, text, shapes and more.
Plan and track progress on a site plan drawing
  • One very unique aspect to RoofLogic is the integrated drawing technology. We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. With RoofLogic every job can have a drawing that allows you to plan the work and then visually show the day-to-day progress. You can also add photos to the drawing to further improve your customer communication.

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