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RoofLogic is Takeoffs & Drawings

Everything you need to generate inspection reports, proposals as well as manage your preventative maintenance department.

The industries best drawing and takeoff technology built right in
  • RoofCAD has dominated the roofing industry for years as the easy to use roof drawing package of choice. The RoofCAD engine is built right into RoofLogic, merging data and photos with other entities on your drawing.
Satellite Takeoffs
  • Use any satellite or aerial image as a template to make a professional roof drawing complete with all the takeoff numbers you need.
Site Measure Takeoffs
  • Simply enter your site measurements, place your rooftop equipment, and you will have a professional CAD drawing complete with takeoff numbers.
Electronic Plan Takeoffs
  • RoofLogic has built in technology that allows you to do takeoffs from electronic plans. Simply load the plan, set the scale and digitize right on your screen.
Paper Plan Takeoffs
  • If you still get paper plans RoofLogic gives you the option to plug in a large format digitizer. With RoofLogic you will reduce your paper plan takeoff time by over 50%.
Roof Drawings
  • Whether digitizing or drawing from site measurements, the result is always a professional CAD drawing. Great for proposals, submittals, and crew instructions.

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