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RoofLogic is Service Management

Made to automate the busy service department. With RoofLogic you will generate work orders, schedule work, and record an accurate job history - complete with photos and drawings.

Produce Work Orders
  • A RoofLogic work order contains all the job information you need. Each job can have multiple work orders. Work order print outs are custom designed to meet your needs.
Schedule Work
  • Schedule work orders to each service crew. Know where your crews are at all times, then juggle the schedule during the day as required. RoofLogic's drag and drop calendar scheduling tool is simple and intuitive.
Record And Report
  • RoofLogic allows you to record the completed work and attach the photos taken on the site directly to the work order. This allows you to print field reports that show your customer what was done by who and when. It also allows you too look-up job photos with just a few clicks.
Visually record work on a site plan drawing
  • One very unique aspect to RoofLogic is the integrated drawing technology. We all know a picture is worth a thousand words. With RoofLogic every job can have a drawing that allows you to plan the work and then visually show where the work was done. You can also add photos to the drawing to further improve your customer communication.
No job falls through the cracks
  • One of the greatest benefits with RoofLogic is jobs no longer fall through the cracks because the paper work is lost or is sitting on someone's desk. Once in the system, you can track each job through to completion and get paid in a timely fashion.

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